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Thailand Adventure Tour – Kwai River

The Famous Bridge over the River Kwai Part lll

Thailand Adventure Tour - River Kwai, Bridge on the River Kwai, A Place in History - Story of River Kwai
Bridge on the River Kwai originally built by the prisoners of War. Rebuilt and maintained by Thailand after allies bombed it.
Thailand Adventure Tour - River Kwai,
There are a few long tail boats that will take you on a scenic view of the river and farther toward Hellfire pass there is a recreation area and a number of small resorts that you can relax in and enjoy the water activities.

Thailand Adventure Tour - River Kwai, A Place in History - Story of River Kwai



This video (below) will take you on a train ride over the famous Bridge over the River Kwai. Then we will continue to Lum Sum before we arrive at Hellfire Pass.

 Long-tail boat on the river, Kwai River,
Photographed from the famous Bridge on the River Kwai

Lum Sum Rail Way Park – Past the Famous Bridge River Kwai

When you get close to Kanchanaburi you begin to appreciate the serene beauty of the area that goes along with the very brutal history. On the way to Hell Fire Pass you see more of this beauty.

Death Railway

You begin to understand the reasons why they called it the ‘Death Rail Way’ when you see the memorials and notice how difficult the terrain is to build this railroad. It’s in the middle of the wilds of the jungle. The Prisoners of War did not have adequate food, medicine or even proper tools to build this railroad. It’s a beautiful area now but back in W.W. 2, it was just about surviving.


Scenic view of the River Kwai from Lum Sum


Difficult Area to Build a Railway

The train goes all the way to Nom Tok (close but not over the Burma border) but there is very little here to see except for the River Kwai and the history.

Hot Temperatures for Building a Railroad

It’s a steam bath here and the only thing around are a few towns and the river.  I’m here in January, the middle of winter, and it was 96 degrees outside! I saw the forecast for mid Jan. 2016 and its 99 degrees.

Underneath railroad bridge, River Kwai, Kwai River,
River Kwai – Road Over Pass

The railway work area was miles long! Prisoner of war chiseled the rock to make the passes and building the structures (photo above) or laying track (photo below). The Prisoners used their hands and hammers to cut through the solid rock.  With the jungle on one side and the river on the other you’d think it was an impossible task. The heat and humidity in this part of the world is scorching no matter what time of year. The Japanese were extremely abusive toward the prisoners, whipping, throwing rocks from above, beatings and even breaking their limbs and leaving them for dead.

Thailand Tourism, A Place in History - Story of River Kwai
Lum Sum area where one side of the railway is the river and the other side was solid rock.
Another pass with chiseled rock, A Place in History - Story of River Kwai
Solid Rock on one side and the river on the other.
Bridge on the river Kwai, A Place in History - Story of River Kwai
A look at the River Kwai past the famous bridge closer to Burma. Photo taken in January 2016 96 degree temperature

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    1. It’s a beautiful but wild area and not a good place for these prisoners to endure what they did. Thank you for the comment Ursula.

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