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Thailand Adventure Tour – Kwai River

Hell Fire Pass: Part lV

When you get to Hell Fire Pass you can go inside the Konyu Cutting museum. There are posters and diagrams of the area that tell of the struggles of the prisoners. Once outside the museum there is a ramp that you walk down to Hell Fire Pass. It’s a long ways down to the rail road track as you can see in the video. This pass was solid rock, they basically took off a side of the mountain.

Ramp down to the pass, River Kwai, Hell Fire Pass
The entryway down to the railroad tracks at Hell Fire Pass

Brutal Conditions for Prisoners of War

The Australian and British prisoners of war and later Asian laborers a who were on the Burma/Thailand Railway. This is another memorial for us to remember the ones that died or those few who were lucky enough to live through this difficult time.

Walk way down to Hell Fire Pass - Kwai River
Hell Fire Pass – the path down to the tracks

Many WW ll Prisoners Died

The constant hard work and a starvation diet resulted in death from diseases for many prisoners. Few medicines were available in the camp. More than 700 prisoners of war died of disease and exhaustion in the Konyu area. 

Tom at Hell Fire pass- Kwai River,
Thomas at track level at Hell Fire Pass

Returning Back to Bangkok

Experience the train ride (video below) back across the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi on the way back to Bangkok.

How to Get to Kwai River

Train is the best way to go from Bangkok. Alternative is the bus, but taking the bus is no way to experience the beauty of the area and experience the train ride. Click on the time-table below:

The Railway Station Time Table

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    1. It’s a beautiful but wild area and not a good place for these prisoners to endure what they did. Thank you for the comment Ursula.

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