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The River Kwai

 Train Ride Over The River Kwai

Bridge and boat, The River Kwai,
This is the River Kwai and the famous bridge that was built in WW 2.

River Kwai Train Ride

The River Kwai Train Ride is something that everyone should experience.  This is one of several videos that are in the article about the River Kwai bridge and area.  In the video below we visit the bridge by train. We also made a visit to the memorial (photography), and Hell Fire Pass (video & photos) where many prisoners died in WWII. There are more photos from another area in-between the famous bridge and Hell Fire Pass; these areas were also chiseled from rock and you will understand just how immense the area was and all the work the prisoners did here. The town of Kanchanaburi is famous because of the bridge over the River Kwai during WWII.

More than One Bridge

After riding the train, up first sight of the actual bridge many people ask themselves why was the bridge made so well? This bridge stood up after Americans bombed it.  It took more than one or two bombs to destroy a portion of the Bridge, not the whole thing.  It came down to the commander of the British troops who thought it was a matter of pride, that it had to be well-built.  In the end, it became more about how well the commander could build something, it wasn’t about the British pride. 

Train Ride Across the Bridge on the River Kwai

I hope the photographs and the videos help you understand the true story about the building of this bridge and the men that dedicated their lives as prisoners to build this masterpiece.


The real bridge, The River Kwai,
This is the famous Bridge Over the River Kwai. Visitors are able to walk down the center of the bridge before the train arrives. There are areas for walkers to move to the side if the train crosses the bridge while they are walking. This bridge is in the town of Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

See the Movie

The movie Bridge on the River Kwai was (currently on Netflix) filmed in Sri-lanka and portrays the building of the bridge, but the story was in the movie was fiction, but what happened there is real. It represents many of the truths of the actual events, like the starvation and way the prisoners were treated.  If you watch the movie, you will be not only entertained but you will understand more about the real history of the real bridge that stands over the River Kwai.  The bridge was rebuilt by the Thailand government after the war, but it’s a replica of the actual bridge.


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