Tour Chiang Mai Bhubing Palace

Tour Chiang Mai: Palace Gardens

Pictorial Tour of Bhubing Palace

spiritual tree, Tour Chiang Mai
This is the only photograph out of three exposures that look like this. Never had any light look like this after 40 years of photography. No photoshopping on this image. This is holy ground!

Tour Chiang Mai

These beautiful photographs of Bhubing Palace Gardens will give you an idea of what you would be missing out if you don’t come here. Tour Chiang Mai is only complete after visiting this area and at least two more that are close by. Read on to learn about this wonderful area and others to make a great day for touring Chiang Mai.

Free to Roam

There is much to see here and the roads are lined with flowers, flowers are everywhere.  Visitors are allowed to walk in the gardens freely.  No entry is permitted into the guest homes on the grounds.

Bhubing Palace Gardens is in the Chiang Mai Province, Doi Buak Ha, Muang District. This peaceful place has a large array of flowers, roses and other vegetation. This location is a must when you tour Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai can be seen from this view-point  image below). During certain times of the year farmers burn some of their fields. You can see some of the haze in this photo.

mountain overlook, Tour Chiang Mai
This is one of the views you see on the road close to this Royal Palace retreat. Bhubing Palace.

Tour Chiang Mai Bhubing Palace: Photographs in Order

The photographs in this article represent a mini tour of the gardens and are in order as if you were there with me.

scenic drive, Tour Chiang Mai
Once the reasonable entry fee is collected, this is the driveway seen  lined with flowers. This is area visitors see as you enter into the gardens.

Transportation to Bhubing Palace Gardens

There are many alternative when arranging transportation. Private tour guides can be of help but most people arrange transportation by a Sing Sing or go on a private tour. Car and motor bike rentals are also available in Chiang Mai.

water droplets on flowers, Tour Chiang Mai,
Many flowers abound here at the Royal Bhubing Palace retreat. Fit for a King and or Queen with Royal Family.

Tour Chiang Mai – Photography Paradise

Bhubing Palace Gardens is literally fit for a  King and Queen. This is the King’s royal winter retreat residence in Thailand.

tree flowering, Tour Chiang Mai
There are trees and flowers everywhere at the Bhubing Palace Retreat. Travel Thailand – Chiang Mai – Palace Gardens – Travel Destinations.


Indoor garden water fall, Tour Chiang Mai,
On the grounds of Bhubing Palace there are a number of green houses. A waterfall is in one of the structures along with many flowers. Travel Thailand – Chiang Mai – Palace Gardens – Travel Destinations


Inside the greenhouse structures are flowers like these. The landscaping is beautiful here. Travel Thailand – Chiang Mai – Palace Gardens – Travel Destinations



flowers, Tour-Chiang Mai


flowers, Tour-Chiang Mai,

small lake with guest home, tour Chiang Mai,
Perched on the top of this hill is one of the residences for the King’s guests


flowers and pots, Tour-Chiang Mai,




Toward the end of the walk around the gardens is a place to rest and take photographs as well as have some Thai Food.
Spectacular bamboo trees are also on this property. They are tall and majestic.

Recommended for Travelers in the Chiang Mai Area

This was a worthwhile travel experience. Prepare for walking among beautiful flora. Tennis shoes might be preferable over the regular attire of SE Asia sandals.  Men must wear pants that cover the knees which means this is a sacred place.  If men come here with shorts, they rent you a pair of very baggy pants.

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