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I created Travel Food Health Blog to share my travels with people that want to travel in Asia. I’ve been traveling for over 5 years but 2021 is about writing and publishing and sharing stories. As a Travel Photographer in Asia, I’ve been to many Asian countries but I still have much to see. Currently in Vietnam during the pandemic which affords some opportunities, but also the fact that it’s dangerous to travel due to Covid-19.  keeping an archive for travel industry to use, and wall prints of certain image.  When this publication began in 2014 the goal was to report about traveling to interesting places and experience the food, attractions, and the local people. The goal is to share information on what it’s like from the perspective from a photographer after 45 years with camera. The difference is I travel and participate in activities that are more more older people over 45 than the backpacker crowd. I like comfort and also a little rough adventure thrown in with R & R after. Older travels need to slow down and enjoy where they are.

In Depth Topics

Travel is about discovering the real culture in Asia. There are many cultural differences between countries in Asia, but there’s a large diversity of cultural differences in regions of each country.

Thomas Levine is a professional travel photographer (over 40 years) and travel guide.  He is based in Hoi An, Vietnam.  This blog highlights some of his travels, and enjoys sharing his photographs of travel destinations. His food and health subjects are based on eastern ways. TL

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How Tom Travels

I always like the way the Anthony Bourdain’s traveled, I still miss the man, at least we can still enjoy watching re-runs of his past travels. As much as I like staying at resorts, the missing ingredient is you miss learning about the culture of the place you’re visiting. Travel is it’s about experiencing and learning about the local culture. Traveling has taught me at least one thing, we are more alike than different, and most people are kind.

Asia has been my emphasis with the last 5 years of travel where iti’s famous for it’s health benefits to travelers. Yoga, meditation, marital arts, mud baths, massages to name a few are out there to enjoy. Great attractions, unique international foods, ancient ruins and all the beautiful areas from mountains, beaches, and cities. Don’t forget about the Temples from Buddha to Hindu depending on the country.

Visit the King of Thailand’s retreat in the mountains of Chiang Mai

World Wide Travel

Travel – Features for Travelers and Homebodies

For those that are unable to travel, this website is full of articles that will educate the reader about cultural experiences, international foods, and what’s like to travel through SE Asia by using photography and video. A perfect example is experiencing a train ride over the famous Kwai Bridge and enjoying the beauty of the area with beautiful photography. Experience the River Kwai Bridge and WW ll Story.

Called the “The Death Railway” this was photographed between Kanchanaburi, and ‘Hell Fire Pass, Thailand’.

Travel Western United States

United States

Chaco CanyonGrand Teton N PMadrid New MexicoYellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone National Park. This is where the mega volcano is located. Read about this area from the leading expert in earth quakes.

Visit Cambodia’s Unesco Angkor Temple Ruins

Banteay Kwei  • Inside Banteay Samre • History of Angkor Wat Guide 

Aspera sculpture in stone temple, World Travel Guide - World Photography,
Angkor Temple ruins in Cambodia

Food Section

There are two different thoughts when it comes to food. Many of us enjoying different foods, especially when we travel. For some of us food may be our primary goal for hitting the road. American/Western diets are very different from Eastern food. The world is changing. Many of the old cultures have been influenced with western ways, and although it may seem like nothing has changed, even the use herbs and spices are different.

Food is processed differently from the past all over the world. Because pesticides and cleanness in an issue, many places use the foods that are locally grown and fresh.

Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam all have a different ways of preparing foods. Thailand’s know for spicer food, Cambodia has their own unique flavors, and Vietnam is a combination of spice and the use of herbs and vegetables that make their food unique.

Fresh raw yellowtail, food reviews, World Photography,

Foodie Choices

The types of foods we review could be healthy foods such as vegan or vegeterian. International restaurants are an option in many cities and may satisfy your cravings since you’re away from home.  There are choices galore!

This is a travel site and we cover all kinds of foods. Tom sometimes reviews a particular food or a restaurant.  An example would be looking for good hamburger restaurants in Asia.  Also learning about the locals foods. Food is part of the culture in Asia.

Beef and vegetable dish, World Travel Guide - World Photography,
Le Annex French Restaurant in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Best French food in Siem Reap.


There are many theories about what to eat and what to do to stay healthy.  Traveling can create some heath problems and also solve some health problems by releasing stress.  Please keep an open mind…  SE Asia has many benefits… Chinese Medicine and herbs, Yoga, Thai Chai, Meditation, Massage & Reflexology, Earthing and using Food as Medicine to name a few. Staying healthy when traveling is our main goals.

Chile peppers, food as medicine, World Travel Guide,
Chili Peppers are very popular in SE Asia and are very healthy for you too because of the capsicum in the pepper.

Food as Medicine

How many times have you read articles about food and health and wonder where the information came from? Or you read about how good something is for you and then read another article where they say its bad for you. Travel Food & Health (TFH) is beginning a new emphasis on Food and Health. These are separate topics, yet related. I believe and live by the 80/20 rule, 80% of the time I eat healthy, mostly vegetarian and some vegan. The 20% is eating foods I like but not always good for the body. Some junk food, gooey cheeses, meat, lamb, chicken…you know what I’m talking about Fish and chips people. I also think if we are going to eat good tasting food that may not be the best for us. If it isn’t the healthiest, I at least want it to be really good food. For example when I want a hamburger, I want a really good hamburger, not McDonald’s.

Then there’s the pesticide story, GMO’s organic, food for health, nutrients in food. I will use others information from Chef’s, recipes, nutrient information and opinion based on people’s credentials, and scientific research.

A common element when looking at the cultural side of local areas, is about the food the locals eat eat.  Its not that all cultures eat the same thing, of course they don’t,  its that the family activities usually revolve around food and local traditions.  The food is part of the culture and is integrated with the family at these gathering. The food bonds the family with the local culture and each family member.  We will review restaurants, street vendors and some local families in their homes. We will be playing attention to the nutritional value of certain dishes when we are able too.

Health Trends are Changing

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) dates back 2500 years.  This type of medicine, especially acupuncture is now more accepted in the western world then it was just a few years ago.  It is still a mystery to many of us as well as other types of healthy practices.  Most of what will be reported has been practiced or tried by several of us on the team.  There has been a lot of research in the past few years that are making the news, especially since the internet makes this kind of news more accessible.

TFH posts articles for you to investigate and try but it’s your decision and its important to be aware of the benefits and the risks involved in any health practice.  Modern medicine has side effects, but many herbs do too.  Be open-minded and do your research and be careful and check with your doctor.

Hotel Reviews

This is currently a quarterly publication with a Travel Blog that is frequently updated on a weekly or daily basis. The travel blog (tab on top menu) will be a combination of a personal observations and an update that may include attractions, restaurant reviews or personal notes.

Shangri La pool building, World Photography
Pool side at Shangri La Hotel, Singapore.

Hotel/Resorts/Guesthouse Reviews

Sometimes we review resorts with our experiences and using Video and photography to show what’s like.  Are you more interested in learning about the culture or soft beds with an in room jacuzzi?  This magazine will explore some of the alternatives, but our focus is to find luxury hotels when possible, with an eye out for value. South East Asia Travel is usually a bargain no matter what your budget is. A $300 room a day in western countries might only be $100/day in Asia. It all depends on the city and the resort. There are plenty of resorts that charge $400 a night too. You get your money’s worth in SE Asia.

Each unit is isolated and private from the other guests. The private infinity pool has an incredible view! Sri Panwa in Phuket, Thailand.

Looking for Excitement and Learning About the World

Western ways are great, but the west has been trying to catch up with some of the different ways to obtain health. Preventive health is not new, but its been hidden from many of us because its different and there isn’t as much money in it if it’s not patentable.  Far Eastern ideas are more about preventive where western medicine is based on treatments using pharmaceuticals and surgeries once we are already sick.

 About Travel Photographer Thomas Levine

Thomas Levine is a fine arts and travel photographer as well as an educator. His background is varied and he’s spent years photographing advertising products for national publications including: architecture, products, people, food, fine art, nature, now travel. He is currently traveling in SE Asia and sells his photographs for wall prints as well as stock photography.

Thomas is currently working on a travel-coffee table book covering three countries in SE Asia, and featuring many photographs from the past four years. In addition, he’s working to publish ebooks on local areas from his travel experiences. To see more of his work and bio, or roam around this publication.

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