Wyoming Wildlife Moose on the Loose

Bull Moose Wyoming 

Wyoming Wildlife,

Bull Moose on the Loose

I was lucky to observe this event in early October 2014, close to the southern Wyoming border on my way to San Francisco California. Wyoming Wildlife is plentiful inside the parks, but when outside the park’s borders, it was unexpected to find bull moose and to observe the animals behavior as I was lucky enough to see.

Wyoming Wildlife roams all over the state, not only inside the NPS (National Park System) borders. Watching animals is a big reason that people come to the park for. People come from all over the world to watch these magnificent wild animals both in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks. On this day I was surprised to find these animals roaming unprotected outside the parks borders.

Bull Moose, Moose calf, Wyoming Wildlife

Female Moose & Calf

The first thing I noticed as I was driving south on the highway was a female moose with her calf. They were both running on the left side of the road off in the distance. Whenever anyone can spot a moose, its an exciting pleasure, they can be difficult to spot. In 2003 I spent 2 weeks in the park and I only saw one moose. What’s better than seeing a moose? How about spotting both a mother moose with her calf!

Wild Animal Jam

There are Bear Jams, Elk Jams and other wild animal jams all the time in the National Parks. Its when one car spots a wild animal and pulls over to the side of the road (hopefully not stopping in the middle of the road). The other cars behind them pull over too and it may cause a jam up of traffic. 

Bull Moose Jam

As I drove south I noticed a group of cars in front of me had pulled over and stopped. I thought it must be because of the mother and calf I just saw. This was a Moose Jam!  I decided to pull off the road too, its a photo opportunity for me. Thats when I saw what was really going on…

Moose Family

Looking around I saw this huge Bull Moose on my right. He had just jumped over a fence close to my SUV.  The first photograph I could take was oh his hind quarters as he cleared the fence. It didn’t take much to figure out that this Bull Moose must have been separated from his family (the first two animals I first saw across the road). He was trying to get past all the obstacles that us humans put up. There was plenty of obstacles for this moose. What separated them were two fences to clear (jump over) with a cattle guard, a highway with traffic, and a large field stood between him and his family. 

first jump, Wyoming Wildlife
The first photograph as the moose clears the fence.

Bull Moose on the Loose

I had my telephoto lens on my Canon camera, but this Bull Moose was too close especially as large as this animal was. There were two fences that separated us when i first began to photograph him. I stood close to my car in case I had to take shelter. Worried he might come toward me, but he had other things in mind. He did surprise me with his athletic fence jumping abilities and its hard to know for sure what andy wild animal is going to do.

He emerges from the bush, Wyoming Wildlife

Bull Moose Watches Us 

There four of us that had pulled off the road, all with cameras as we watched this Bull Moose. He looked at us the whole time too as if we were part of the problem. 

Approaches the next fence, Wyoming Wildlife

The Big Jump

He had to make some big jumps to join his family and I had no idea that a Bull Moose could jump this high, but he was motivated. These kinds obstacles are extremely dangerous for any wild animal and one of the many reasons for the formation of National Parks. Even inside the parks people drive too fast and cause animal fatalities. 

Bull Moose Jumps the big fence, Wyoming Wildlife
Bull Moose make the Big Jump!

He Runs Past Me…

He’s past the second fence (photo above) and runs right past me into the open field. Park rangers alway lecture everyone about stay away and keeping a distance from wild animals. I began with two fences as a barrier between me and the moose, but it didn’t take long before he had move too close. It happens so fast…Wyoming Wildlife can surprise you.

Bull Moose on the run, Wyoming Wildlife
Bull Moose runs after clearing two fences and the highway.

Moose Family Reunion in Wyoming

Off in the distance the mom and calf moose were hoping for to reunite with the bull

Bull Moose, Wyoming Wildlife, Moose family
Moose family sees father moose on the way to join them. Reunited Moose Family!

 Moose sightings in Wyoming

Your best chance of locating Wyoming Wildlife like this bull moose would be in Grand Teton National Park or Yellowstone National Park.  I worked for both national parks in 2010 and 2014 and I was lucky to see my share of wild life. Bears, Coyotes, Hawks, Eagles, Pronghorns, Elks, and Moose. 


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