Yellowstone Volcano Activity Going to Blow

Yellowstone Volcano Activity

Are We In Danger of Blowing Up at YNP

Hot Springs detail, Yellowstone Volcano Activity
Chinese Spring, Old Faithful area, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

The original article below is still valid according to reports from Dr. Smith in 2016. The article’s information below was gathered when I personally listened to Dr. Robert Smith in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. TL

Yellowstone Volcano Activity is always a hot topic when Visiting YNP (Yellowstone National Park). It seems like traveling on another planet.

How Many Years Before It Erupts?

This is THE Yellowstone-Super-Volcano you’re walking on.  Every 640,000 years it’s estimated that this super-volcano decided to erupt. Visitors to Yellowstone are able to see and walk into this very special place and enjoy the wonders.

Yellowstone Hot Springs, Yellowstone Volcano Activity
Norris Geysers Basin in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Volcano Activity is monitored by seismologists scientist Dr. Robert Smith. The discussion was about volcanoes in general and specifically the one at YNP.  A group meet to hear Dr. Smith speak at the Jackson Hole Library in Jackson Hole Wyoming. He discussed super volcanoes and in particular he talked about the Yellowstone-Super-Volcano.  Dr. Smith is in charge of setting up and monitoring seismographs stations in the Yellowstone National Park area.

What is the Yellowstone Volcano Current Activities

Anytime visitors to Yellowstone come here, they have to drive uphill,” explained Super Volcano scientist Dr. Robert Smith. “And the reason is this giant plume of magma is very hot, therefore it’s ebullient, it’s low density and it just lifts the surface up.” (2)

fishing cone, Yellowstone Volcano Activity,
Fishing cone at Yellowstone Lake 2003.
FISHING CONE fishing-73 (Temperature 170.4°F Interval dormant. Duration minutes to hours. Height 3 feet. Fishing Cone is a thermal feature unique to Yellowstone. It is situated on the shore of Yellowstone Lake and received its name from early explorers who stood on the cone and cast their lines into the lake to catch fish. Without taking the fish off the hook they parboiled them in the vent of Fishing Cone. However, the shoreline has changed since those times; Fishing Cone is usually inundated by high water during the early summer. It erupted once during the 1920s and ’30s but the cold water of the lake has altered its eruptive behavior. Information from: US National Park Service)

The Volcano’s Magna is Moving

Dr. Smith thinks that the magna pool isn’t getting larger but that it is moving and that has caused the lake to tilt.  When comparing the older image of Fishing Cone (2003) to the newer one (small image 2014) . The cone is now out of the water (above right).

Hot Spring close up, Yellowstone Volcano Activity
Close up of spring with bacteria matt – photographed from the side of the boardwalk in Geyser Basin.

Walking on top a Super Volcano

YNP is a fun park to visit in the summer or winter and the Yellowstone Activity is always an interesting topic to talk about with your fellow Yellowstone-Super-Volcano explorer. There are plenty of places to walk, but they warn all the visitors to stay on the board walks. People die here, there are plenty of true stories. 

Tourists walking in far distance, Yellowstone Volcano Activity,
Norris Geyser Basin – Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a large Park

“The park is 63 miles (101 km) north to south, and 54 miles (87 km) west to east by air. Yellowstone is 2,219,789 acres (898,317 ha; 3,468.420 sq mi)[1]

Castle Geyser blowing steam, Yellowstone Volcano Activity
Castle Geyser at Yellowstone National Park blowing steam.

More information about YNP[1]

2. NBC Montana

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